A world traveling, tea-drinking, baking freelance worker who's always in search of new places to write

Growing up, I told people I wanted to be several things; to be an artist, to see the world, and to be a Spice Girl.  Well, two of those came true.

Going to college in a small town in Michigan, I knew I didn't just want to experience life through books. Halfway through college I realized I was not a good fit for ordinary life. Instead, I decided to explore as much as I could as soon as I could.  Immediately after graduation, I applied to work on cruise ships and sold almost all of my belongings.

After three years working on both big cruise ships and river boats, I had circled the globe three times, ordered a beer in every port, and met my husband, Iulian. Finally putting the passports down for a while, we decided to settle down in Romania. I quickly learned that living abroad is both delightful and challenging.  No longer considering myself an expat, I now work to settle into a culture that is almost, but not quite, like home.

Now, I spend my time chasing my cat, Oscar, away from breakable things around the house.  Soon, I'll even convince my husband we absolutely need a dog. Since writing has been a hobby for many years, I started offering my services for pet businesses to provide interesting content to expand their brand value.  Now, I share all my writing adventures.

While my blog mostly focuses on my adventures in my new country, my professional work focuses on my favorite subject; pets of all shapes and species.  Writing about animals is the sum of my many years of work in veterinary practices, animal rescue groups, animal shelters, and wildlife rehabilitation centers.  While I no longer have the option of smuggling orphan kittens into my bedroom, I love to share the knowledge I've gained through one of my life passions - pets and all their quirkiness.

Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to talk shop, need new content for your website or just to say hello!