Introducing: Oscar

Introducing: Oscar

Oscar is the only reason I would post a blurry picture of me soaking wet on the internet.  This little alarm clock and vacuum is the reason my husband and I get absolutely no sleep, have spent way too much on little bouncing balls, and why I am so happy.

For my 29th birthday I finally got what I have threatened my husband with: a cat.  Living, breathing, and preferably with fur.  I’ve had two cats in my life: one Siamese who lived for a full 12 years.  The other was a rescue who lived with me for a full year before dying suddenly from kidney failure.  After I joined ships I had to give up any plans for pets until I settled down again.  Fortunately, my husband agreed that we were ready for minimal responsibility and I started keeping a lookout for a cat.

Here’s the thing in Romania: they know how to charge for everything.  Despite a widespread stray animal problem, there are many people who will discover a litter of stray baby animals and sell them online for as much as they can get.  Pet ownership, in general, is kind of haphazard here as well.  People love baby animals and they rarely get them de-sexed, so there are a few strays running around Transylvania.  When looking for a cat on group posting sites and rescues I quickly realized that all cats are purebred British Shorthairs and all of them cost over $100.

So I decided to get one the old-fashioned way; waiting for the cat to find me.  This had worked for most of my pets, so why not my cat?  Fortunately within a month we found Oscar three blocks from our house while out on a walk.  I turned the corner and looked to my right and there he was; hanging out on a curb.  I walked over to say hello and he immediately started purring and jumped onto my lap.  Feeling that he was skin and bones and very young (what looked like 12 weeks) I decided to take him home.  Being that skinny he either had to be a stray or the pet of a very negligent owner.

I carried him back home, fed him his first food in a while, and gave him a bath (the good with the bad, for him at least).  The next day we took him to the vet who told us he was actually 6 months old but extremely emaciated.  Ever since he’s been my constant companion.  He’s gained a lot of weight, had his first vaccination, and we learned his body can’t handle wet food.  Tomorrow marks his first full month with us.

Oscar loves the sleep on my face at night and wakes me up at 5AM to get his first breakfast for the day before I go back to sleep.  He then wakes up my husband promptly at 8:30AM for his second breakfast, and we all get up for the day.  Oscar loves racing around our room and knocks everything off shelves and counters, but refuses to go downstairs or outside.  While we have bought many squeaky toys and scratching posts for him, Oscar only likes to play with trash.  He’ll sprint over to you when opening a bottle so he can grab the cap from you, and loves wrappers of anything.  His favorite games are Attack Iulian and playing fetch with a bottle cap.

He’s perfect and I couldn’t imagine being 29 with him.

Tell me the story of how you found your fur baby.  Did they find you, or did you have to go searching?  Rescue stories are always the best, please share yours in the comments!

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